Ab Exercise Equipment: Top 5 For Six Pack Abs

Get the best ab exercise equipment that suits you best in terms of body type and budget so that you can get you six-pack abs in no time! You can get abs with equipments such as stretching machines.

Getting a flat stomach with lean hard rock abs is the in thing and will always be a measuring standard in terms of how much weight you have lost and also how sexy is your body.


When we talk about a lean body, the first thing that comes in the mind is the six-pack abs. There are many companies out there that like to make money out of this craze and one of the things that starts to pop up like mushrooms are ab equipments. But the funny thing is that there are so many funky and weird equipment that they claim that can help you get a six-pack abs. There are electric belts that send shock waves through your abs, special ab boards, rollers and many more. Some are so weird that they make me laugh not stop just looking at people using it.

When choosing ab exercise equipment, please, just stick to the basic. There is no such thing as getting a lean stomach by just sitting back on the couch watching TV or when you do your facial. The ab exercise equipment must work within the fundamentals of a weight loss exercise program. That means it just assist you and not replace the exercise.

So far, there are 6 abdominal exercise equipment that are identified and well known to help you get a nice set of ab muscles. Here are the six and how to maximize your exercise results with it.

Ab Exercise Equipment 1: Stability Ball

This is one of the best abdominal exercise tools available. This equipment is so good because besides ab exercises, it also can used as a tool for hundreds of others exercises that will help strengthen your abs as well. This ball is light and portable too because its inflatable. The primary exercises that you can do with the stability ball is stability ball crunches and also planks on the stability ball. Not to mention it is very cheap too.

Ab Exercise Equipment 2: Basic Mat

The basic mat is also another essential equipment for you to train your abs at home, in the gym or when you are traveling. Most of the time people give up doing abs at home because the pain on the lower back due to the hard floor. But with an exercise mat, you can do your crunches, bicycle crunches and reverse crunches with comfort. Again, the basic equipment rules! With this basic mat, you can also perform dumbbell chest press, dumbbell chest flyes and also lying triceps exercise.

Ab Exercise Equipment 3: Roman Chair (Ab board)

This equipment is usually available in the gym but if you want to have a bench for your home gym, this is an excellent choice because it also a fantastic ab equipment because you can perform Roman Chair sit ups, reverse crunches on decline bench and also Roman Chair twisting crunches. You can also do incline and decline dumbbell chest press on this bench.

Ab Exercise Equipment 4: Captains Chair (Vertical Knee Raise)

There is research that shows that doing Captains Chair knee raises is among the top three-ab exercise. This machine usually comes with a chin up bar and parallel dip bar. You can also perform hanging leg raises, which is another super abdominal exercise for the lower abs. This is also usually available in gyms. This equipment is quite big so unless you have a large space, you might want to skip buying this machine.

Ab Exercise Equipment 5: Ab Bench

This Ab Bench is suitable for individuals that have a condition called Lordosis in the lower back. Basically, the lower back have an excessive curve, which prevents the individual from performing a full crunching motion. To confirm this, try doing a basic crunch, if only your head and neck is able to crunch up but not your shoulder blades, no matter how hard you try, you might have this condition. So investing in an Ab Bench is an excellent choice.

Pick the best equipment among these 5 that best suits you. Combine weight training, diet and cardio exercise and you will definitely get the six pack abs that you have always wanted. Please, just forget about exercise equipment that promises you a flat stomach without exercise. All those electrical eqiupment and fat shakers do not work!

Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise

Many people wonder about the health benefits of aerobic exercise. There are many reasons that they before they are convinced to get their butt off from the couch. Well, unfortunately for these couch potatoes, the benefits of cardio exercise is over whelming and to ignore it is just plain stupid and ignorant.


Cardio exercise is not just for the body. Lately, there are many research and medical journal that show cardio exercise benefits the mind as well. This can help create the ultimate balance of mind and body that can help you manage your life better and to excel in whatever undertaking.

Before we go into the mental business, lets talk about the health benefits if aerobic exercise the involves the body. Obviously, most of us know that cardio helps to solve one of the biggest issues in human kind, obesity! There are a lot of health diseases that links to obesity, so we can say that cardio can help prevent those diseases as well as used as a solution to cure those health diseases.

Cardio can help save a person life. This is the most important one among all the health benefits of aerobic exercise. After you engaged in cardio activities for at least 2 months, you can see changes in your stamina, lowered heart rate, clearer skin and increased muscle tone. The heart which is the largest muscle will also have benefits. The heart wall is thicker which leads to more blood being pumped into the body per beat. There will also be capillaries network will increase and this will ease blood flow through the body which leads to increase in stamina. There will be more alveolus in your lungs which will aid oxygen transfusion which boost your breathing.

These are just a few of the health benefits of aerobic exercise. With all those above mentioned, there will be fewer chances for occurrences of high blood pressure and heart attack. Not only that, your immune system will also increase. You will start looking better and feeling absolutely fabulous!

Health benefits of aerobic exercise also include immediate stress relief. When you are doing cardio, you will be thinking of nothing but the road ahead of you! It is one of the only ways that can get your head of work stress and also other troubling issues. There is this article that states that cardio helps boost brain activity as well. Majority of successful men have engaged in aerobic exercises.

Best Aerobic Exercise To Burn Fat Super Fast!

Choosing the best aerobic exercise is not an easy task especially there are tons of cardio equipment out there that promises super quick weight loss results. Commercials on TV frequently advertise new cardio equipment that uses new revolutionary techniques that can lose belly in one month! They use sexy models to connect viewers to the machine. Honestly, there are only a few cardio exercises that really deliver results. Believe it or not, they are not some invention from the future but just conventional cardio equipment. You can burn more calories with fitness equipments such as rowing machines.

benefits-of-aerobic-exerciseTo determine which cardio exercise is the best aerobic exercise, the muscle involvement and range of motion need to be analyzed. This is because; end of the day is the weight (muscle) multiply by the distance (range of motion) which determines the amount of calories burn. Using this reasoning, the bicycle is not as good as treadmill and the Stairmaster if done at the same intensity because the upper body weight is rested on the seat, where else during running and stepper, the whole body weight is on the machine.

Comparing the common cardio machines available in the gyms, there are two aerobic machines that stand toe by toe, shoulder by shoulder.

These machines are the treadmill and the Stairmaster. Both of these machines can really burn calories like crazy. This is because it involves the whole body being on the machine. Not only that, it involves the legs, mainly the butt and both worked in very large range of motions.

In conclusion to this, the best aerobic exercise can be determined by the person and also his preference. If the exerciser have knees problem, he or she should stay away from the Stairmaster because it can cause more damage to the knee. So if knees are not a problem, we have a tie for the best aerobic exercise, treadmill and Stairmaster.

Besides the entire cardio machine, we also group exercise which is a very popular form of aerobic exercise. There is only one class that wins the high calorie burner hands down! This class is called RPM. By using bicycles only, the class spins at a super high intensity, burning up to 700 calories. Be advised, it is for regular exercises only, not for the beginners.